Billetspin K2 review

Billetspin is one of the leaders in the high performance spinning top market, and the K2 is their most popular top to date. Originally released in late 2016, the K2 became the highest selling top in Billetspin history. Given the design and the materials offered, it’s easy to see why.

As the name suggests, this top has a predecessor; the Kraken. The K2 is short form for Kraken 2. This was not intended as the kraken was meant to be a standalone top. However, when making this design, Rich from Billetspin decided it looked enough like the original kraken, that it should share the name.

Billetspin K2 design

This top is a 3-piece top (not counting the ball bearing it spins on.) they are the outer shell, the inner disk, and the stem. This format allows for a lot more complex designs as the milling machines are able to perform more elaborate movements when they have more space to operate. The pieces are then stuck together using a Billetspin magic recipe.

The k2 as a design will spin for around 8-10 minutes from the hands of a good spinner, whereas more average spinners will get around 5 minutes. This is not as long as a lot of other tops, but this is a top more centered on design than on spin times. Something like the Billetspin Nexus for example is the other end of the scale whereby its sole purpose is to be a long spinner.


The other major benefit to a multi-piece design is the material options that come with that. As most metals can be used for the different parts, thebilletspin k2 3 combination possibilities are great. As can be seen on this top, where the Damascus steel and the bronze compliment each other really nicely.

The only issue with a more elaborate design, and the exotic metals used is the price. Now, a hefty price tag is common on a high end spinning top due to the hours it takes to make. But, add to that the cost of exotic materials and you are looking at a price of $200 retail. However, because Billetspin only make limited runs, your only chance to get a K2 now is on the secondary market where you will be looking to pay around $300 for this top (if one comes up for sale.) Some of the other more sought after designs, such as the Timascus K2s can have asking prices well in excess of $600 on the secondary market.

There is one issue with the design, and that is keeping it clean. Some metals need fairly frequent cleaning if you are to keep them patina (rust) free. Copper for example. However, with the K2, this can be very tricky. The spikes, while looking cool, make reaching the inner metal very hard, and instruments like Q-tips can get caught and leave fluff on the spikes.

Billetspin Matrix
Billetspin Matrix

However, this is a small price to pay for one of, if not the, coolest looking spinning tops going.

Billetspins next top is another multi piece design called the Billetspin Matrix.