The BILLETSPIN Matrix is upon us, here is all the key information in one place.

BILLETSPIN Matrix Release date:

  • Standard Materials: Standard materials are now discontinued. They were on sale from April 11th – May 11th 2017.
  • Exotic Materials: Will be released periodically on the website,  or auctioned on the Billetspin Facebook page, and releases of fewer than 30 units will be sold through a “sign up sale” (a site where you can enter to win the chance to buy the top)
    the first exotic to go on sale was SS/Timascus/SS (see chart below) on Monday March 27th 2017 for 24hrs.


The official release of the Matrix is now over. However there have been promises of a “build your own matrix” or similar in the future. so that may not be all we see.
In october of 2017 there will be another limited release of some Zirc/Zirc/SS combinations.


Standard Materials $200 + shipping ($5 United States, $12 International)
Exotic Materials: starting at $280, but can be considerably more, varying based on material combination.


  • Diameter: 1.2 inches (304 mm)
  • Carbide Ball Diameter: 1/8th inch (3.17 mm)
  • 9 Pieces
    • Outer rim upper
    • Outer rim lower
    • Stem
    • Inner
    • 5x structural stainless steel dowel pins


Standard Materials
Standard materials are now discontinued. They were on sale from April 11th – May 11th 2017.. So, no matter how many were ordered, that’s how many were made. According to Indiegogo, 376 units were made accross the different combinations. This makes it the best selling Billetspin top since the K2.

There were 25 different material combinations, some tri metal combinations, but only one of all one metal, and that is the SS/SS/SS

Billetspin matrix 1

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Exotic Materials

Exotics will be made in batches depending on the materials being used. A “calendar” is expected to be released outlining which combos will be made, and how many (along with a price). Though, he will be keeping the right to release others not on the chart which allows for creative additions. Speculative quantities can be seen in the list below

The order and prices of the 14 original Matrix exotics have been confirmed by Billetspin, and they are as follows. there are 5 spots that will be revealed at the end, which Billetspin are keeping for creative reasons

billetspin matrix exotics

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In October 2017 it was announced that there may be limited releases of certain combinations over the “next few years”. The first of which is a Zirc / Zirc / SS combination. These new combos will be tracked in the chart here.

billetspin matrix
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N0.Date (2017)MaterialPriceQuantityWeightStatus
20th MarchSS/ Timascus/ SS$300UTR43gDiscontinued – Sold out in 1hr45
28th MarchSS/ 3CM/ SS$280Roughly 10054Discontinued
7th ArpilCU/ ZR/ ZR$300UTR49Discontinued
13th AprilTimascus/ 3CM/ Flamed SS$440Roughly 15045gDiscontinued – Sold out in 20 mins
27th AprilTwist Damascus/ ZR/ SS$355Roughly 7547gDiscontinued – Sold out in 35 mins
2nd MayCU/ 2CM/ CU (satin)$280Roughly 7558gDiscontinued – Sold out in 10 mins
4th MayZR/ Timascus/ Flamed SS$410Under 40039gDiscontinued – Closed after 30 mins
9th MayZR/ BR/ BR$330UTR47gDiscontinued
16th MayTimascus/ Flamed Damasteel/ Flamed SS$450Roughly 10043gDiscontinued – Sold out in 10 mins
31st MaySS/ Twist Damascus?ss$280Roughly 40051gDiscontinued – Sold out in 36 mins
1st JuneZR/ Super Conductor/ZR$4002347gDiscontinued – Sold via Sign up Sale
6th JuneSpiro Damascus/ Timascus/ ZR$410Roughly 15039gDiscontinued – Sold out in 2hrs
9th JuneSS/ Reptillian Damascus/ Flamed SS$290UTR50gDiscontinued
13th JuneTwist Damascus/ Sharktooth Damascus/ SS$360Roughly 200-Discontinued – Sold out in 2+ hrs
16th JuneBlack Timascus /Flamed CU/ Zirc$400Roughly 25-Discontinued - sold via sign up sale on June 16th
20th JuneTimascus / Zirc / Zirc$450Unknown (30+)38gDiscontinued – Sold out in 15mins
27th JuneZirc / Glow / Zirc$35014029gDiscontinued – Sold out in 2+ hrs
29th JuneTwist Damascus / Timascus / Polished SS$390Between 50 - 70-Discontinued – Sold out in 1hr
6th JulyTimascus / Reptillian Damascus / Polished SS$440Between 50 - 70-Discontinued – Sold out
4th OctoberZirc / Zirc / SS$35011-Releasing 04/10/17

– Unlimited Timed Release, a time limit was set and the amount that were ordered is the amount that were made.

Metals are listed : Outer/inner/stem.

One Offs, Limited and Unreleased

These are the tops that were made as a one of a kind, either for good causes, or for friends, as well as tops that were made for general release but never made it to market. The chart is in no particular order.

billetspin matrix exotic

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Black Timascus / flamed 3CM / TimascusThis was made for an unknown person as a gift.
Timascus / super conductor / TimascusThis was released in a blind auction. The only thing that was known at the time of the auction was that it wobbled. It sold for $800
Flamed BR / Flamed SS / Flamed BRThis was flamed and constructed by Gavin Sexton of Dynamic Inertia Tops, after being sent the parts. He flamed the SS pins, making it the only Matrix with pins other than plain SS so far.
Zirc / Zirc / ZircThis combination was sold in auction to raise funds for Jeff Pearce, a fellow top maker who was taken ill.
Zirc / Timascus / TimascusThis was made for a long time friend of Rich's; Jim Skelton
Timascus / Timascus / Flamed SSThis was sold in an auction on the Billetspin Facebook page. The winner with a bid over $1,000 then got the top for free. (The decision to make it free was decided before the start and confirmed by Gavin Sexton)
Zirc / flamed damasteel / TimascusThis was another "good cause auction" to raise funds for the AWANA program. It sold for $2,500, but also came with a Zirc / Timascus / Flamed SS Matrix as well.
Damascus & SS / Timascus / ZircThe only combination which was made with assymetrical outer rings. This was made for a member who won a banner design contest, and could select a future combination of their making.
Zirc / Black Timascus / ZircThis was a combo made for the winner of the design contest who had significant input into the design of the matrix. There were two made and the other was auctioned off, selling for $1,600
Zirc / Flamed Copper / ZircThis was a top that was won in a giveaway in a live video on the Billetspin facebook page. There were 5 winners, who picked a number between 1-5, and one of the tops won was this Matrix.
SS / 2CM / CUThis was made for a fellow maker and done as a "swap" for one of his.
Timascus / Mosaic Timascus / TimascusThe first time using Mosaic Timascus for Billetspin, it was also one of the last made Matrixes, as the manufacture of all other combos was done. This was sold via auction on the Billetspin Facebook Page
Spiro Damascus / Flamed Damasteel / TimascusThis was made as a replacement for a missing top, all part of Billetspins excellent customer service.
Unreleased Tops
Timascus / black Timascus / ZircThis was originally going to be Exotic combo no.15 (Mystery combo no.1) but wasnt able to make it to market.
Black Timascus / Laminated Titanium/ Polished SSThis was originally going to be Exotic combo no.16 (Mystery combo no.2) but wasnt able to make it to market.

SS – Stainless Steel
ZR – Zirconium
CU – Copper
BR – Bronze
3CM/2CM – three/two colour mokume

  • No tungsten will be used in the making of this top (this is due to current problems with the quality of tungsten and the effort to stop it from wobbling. Rich is working on a long term solution for this)
  • There will be no Zircuti, or Mokuti. Their counterparts from another brand; Black Timascus and Timascus will be used instead
  • Mokume will not be used for the outer part of the top, as it is too soft
  • no Titanium will be used in this design