The lotus was the first one-piece top from Billetspin in 2016. It was released in large numbers directly on the website. This marked a move away from Facebook sales posts by Rich in the past. It was also the smallest Billetspin top ever made at the time of release, coming in at under one inch.

Price: $75billetspin lotus
Release Date: 5th February 2016, stemless: 11th Feb
Variations: 3 w.stem, 3 stemless
Materials used: SS, Cu, Br (what are these?)
Dimensions: width 0.98” (24.9mm)
Weight: 36g
For the chart of all combinations please see the bottom of the page.

How to Buy a Billetspin Spinning top

Billetspin Lotus Design

The core concept of the Lotus design is slightly offset rounded squares stacked on top of each other and decreasing in size. This can be seen in the manufacturing video, as the milling machine makes the smaller squares, the pattern becomes apparent.

The stem then comes out of its own rounded square, presumably left as the milling machine would not be able to reach the base of the stem to “complete” the pattern. Early iterations of the spinning top did not have the small indents at the base of the stem, but were added before release. They would then be filled with rubies for a pair of one-offs.

billetspin lotus

The lotus would also mark the move to a bronze alloy as opposed to brass. Though this was not a permanent and exclusive move (brass is still used), it was the first top to use the new bronze. A material which would then go on to be used extensively.

Lotus Stemless

Similar to its predecessor the “Alpha” the general release of the Billetspin Lotus was followed by a stemless version. This was the exact same top, except without the stem… as the name suggests. This would be the last time that we would see an intentionally stemless top until the triskelion in early 2017.

The stemless came in the same three colour options as the regular version, but did cost the same amount at $75. They were released on the 11th of February while the regular version was still available on the website.

Exclusives and exotics

There were only two special versions of the lotus made.billetspin lotus The first was a stainless steel version, but the top of the stem, and the base of the stem were mounted with rubies. This version was not for general release and was made especially for a friend of Rich’s.

The rubies were previously used as ball bearings in the bottom of the spinning top, but the move to ceramic saw them appear in other places. Places such as this lotus and the base of the special Damascus Alpha.

The second exclusive Lotus was another ruby mounted version, but this one was sold at auction on the Billetspin Facebook page. It sold for $750, it was also the first top to be made on the E52100 machine.

billetspin lotus
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