The Navigator was a big step for Billetspin in a number of different ways. Firstly it was the best-selling top to date, eclipsing the Alpha which was the previous holder. It was also a single release time. This meant a steep learning curve for Rich, and the customer service side of the industry. However, it was also widely regarded as one of the best looking spinning tops ever made by Billetspin and brought a multitude of new customers to the community.

Price: $150 – $230billetspin navigator
Release Date: 24th February 2016
Variations: 6 regular, 3 exotic
Materials used: SS, Cu, Br, Damascus, SC, 2CM, Timascus (what are these?)
Dimensions: width 1.1” (27.9mm)
Weight: 39g – 42g
For the chart of all combinations please see the bottom of the page.

How to Buy a Billetspin Spinning top

billetspin navigator

Billetspin Navigator Design

Originally the Navigator was going to be a stemless top with a “new” way of launching. However the idea was sacked and we never got to see the prototype. The top that followed was very close to the one that was on general release. Based on the arms of a compass, the reason for the name “Navigator” became clear. Originally the arms to said compass were going to be randomly positioned around the top. But, due to public outcry this was changed to being aligned with the outside shell.

The top is a three piece top consisting of the outer shell, the inner disk, and the stem. At the time he stem was the most complicated and elaborate ever made. The design instantly gained popularity, and lead to the impressive Indiegogo campaign which facilitated the massive success of the Navigator.

The original plan was for only standard material combinations to be made, and there were to be just four. They were:

  1. Cu / SS / Cu
  2. SS / Cu / SSbilletspin navigator
  3. SS / Br / SS
  4. Br / SS / Br

However, a further two were added after a vote on Facebook.

  1. SS / SS / SS
  2. Cu / Br / Cu

Exclusives and exotics

The original plan was for there to not be any exotics, but there ended up being 6 different combinations. Only 3 of those were for general release however. Unfortunately the exotic combinations brought with them a lot of controversy, as they sold out in under 24hrs and a lot of people missed out.

There were only three to be ofered to the public, and they were:

  1. SS / Damascus / SS ($200)
  2. SS / Mokume / SS ($200)
  3. SS / SC / SS ($230) Quantity: 20

There were later three more tops made out of Timascus. However, these were made to test the properties of the material, and not made for release. They were sent out to friends of Rich’s though.

Finally there were a couple of tops made in very limited runs. There were 2 Br/SC/Br made, and one was auctioned on the Facebook page for $915. Later there would be 2 Cu/Cu/Cu made and also released on the Facebook page.

billetspin navigator
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