The Nexus spinning top from Billetspin is a pure bred long spinner. Looks were not taken into account with this design. It was made with the single goal of spinning for over 30 minutes on a single spin.

Price: $130billetspin nexus
Release Date: 27th January 2016
Variations: 1
Materials used: W, Al (what are these?)
Dimensions: width 1.12” (28.4mm)
Weight: 44g
For the chart of all combinations please see the bottom of the page.

How To Buy a Billetspin spinning top

Billetspin Nexus Design

There was no consideration for aesthetics on this design. This one is all about the spin times. The goal was for the top to be able to reach over 30 minutes off one spin from a skilled spinner. In the end the tops was released at about the 25minute mark. Though, since its release there billetspin nexushave been a small number of users who have been able to surpass 30 minutes by hand, and videoed their attempts.

The key to a long spinner is to have the majority of the weight of the top on the outside and close to the base. Therefore the centre of the top and the stem are made of aluminium, while the outside is made of tungsten. The base of the top is also perfectly flat with very little clearance to keep the weight low to the ground.

The issue with tungsten is that it is hard to find a billet of it which is perfectly balanced. This can lead to wobble. To remedy this, rich made a microscopic asymmetry to the top, and then aligned the stem and the collar to get a smooth spin. This proved to be a lot more work than first anticipated, and lead to some very sore fingers from testing.

Release and Price

The release of the Nexus was one of the biggest surprises in Billetspin drop history. There were 350 units put love on the website, and they all sold out within 90 seconds. This design was expected to do quite well, but few predicted that kind of release. There was no limit on the amount of them people could order, though Rich confirmed that no one bought more than 3 in one go.

This meant that a lot of people were left without, and so the prices on the secondary market saw a huge increase in the following months.

Standard Materials – $130

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