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Spin Base – Blue/Silver


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Price: £22.50
Lens Diameter: 75mm
Weight: 90g
Top Colour: Blue
Bottom Colour:Silver

ONLY WITH BUMPER ATTACHED – the only Blue/silver left already have a blue protective bumper attached. This added extra will of course be free on these bases, but is no longer available without.

The Spin-Things Spin base is the ideal portable spin base. A lightweight, stylish, and reliable spin station. This base is made of two tough aluminium casings holding the 2mm watch glass lens, with 6 rust-proof nautical steel Hex Bolts.

Each base ships from stock, and with a replacement lens should you want to change it or if it gets damaged over time.

The only colour combinations that will be made are those available on the store, however due to the customisable design, you can buy different models and combine to make the perfect colour combination if you wish.

All shipping is tracked and signed. International shipping available.

Protective bumpers available for £2.50 here