Rotabade Original Version 2

Rotablade is now one of the biggest names in the high end fidget spinner market. Whilst most of their fame has come from the popularity of the Rotablade Tri, and the Rotablade Stubby, the original Rotablade is due to make a return.

Rotablade Facebook
Rotablade Facebook

Paul Watson, the owner of Rotablade has mentioned that when he is back from holiday (which is imminent) that he will be releasing more information about the Rotablade Mk.2. given the popularity of his current designs it’s safe to assume that the next model will be a head turner.


The only information we have at the moment is this picture Paul posted on Facebook, unfortunately there aren’t any hints as to what the design will look like.

The original Rotablade was much bigger than its stubby and tri counterparts, so if you’re a fan of a bigger spinner, then you’ll likely be in luck. Though we have been promised pre orders “very soon” we will have to stick to the current schedule of waiting for the mad rush for products at 6pm GMT on Fridays. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer until we have more information.