The Billetspin Vault is a one stop resource for information on all Billetspin spinning tops. The vault is here to give you comprehensive information on all of the spinning tops from Billetspin since its creation in 2015.

Billetspin Vault

There are constantly new spinning tops being made, and as such, the information on the old ones gets buried. The aim of the vault is to bring new life to that information and present it in a clean and easy to read fashion.

Whether you are someone totally new to spinning tops and Billetspin, or a wily old veteran, there should be something interesting for all. There are charts to put all of the tops of each design into one place, there is information on price, release date and dimensions. We have context for the tops, when they were made, and why. There is also information on all of the one of a kind designs and limited releases.

So, delve deep into the vault of knowledge, and hopefully you can find something that you didn’t know. The vault can function as reference for your collection, to see what a top cost when it was released, or to try and pick out a combination for purchase. Alternatively you can use it for just filling your brain with as much spinning info as you can possibly fit.

The Vault

In reverse chronological order, here is every spinning top made by Billetspin.

Note: this currently dates back as far as the start of 2016, prior pages are under construction!


Other resources such as the .info page, Billetspin website, and Facebook page have made this possible, so a big thanks to them!