Star Wars Fidget Spinners

Star wars has of course been reinvigorated with its latest release of movies, so it’s only fitting that it merges with the must have craze of 2017, fidget spinners. There are only a couple of places you can get a star wars fidget spinner at the moment, but don’t worry, there are some other options. Let’s take a look at the best of the star wars fidget spinner choices.

Star wars fidget spinner 2

Star wars fidget spinner from Scullspinner

This is a project that has been in the making for a while. Followers of this site will already know the Scullspinner. However, Arkady theStar Wars Fidget Spinner 1 Russian maker has been developing this spinner to expand on his original scull design. It all started with a death star themed button which was originally just an add-on for any other button. But, after trialling a Boba Fett design as well he decided to make a full-fledged star wars fidget spinner as well.

This isn’t available just yet as it is still in its prototyping stages. Don’t expect it to be cheap either as his other models start at $120

Star Wars “Dark Warrior” fidget spinner

This is the much cheaper design, as it comes from china (so there will be a wait on delivery) and isn’t as meticulously made. However, if what you are after is a cheaper themed spinner then this is the model for you, costing just $10. As with a lot of spinners from the far east, it is difficult to know the quality of spin you are going to get, as they vary hugely from piece to piece.

The beauty of a cheap spinner like this is that you can easily customise it without much risk. And you can always clean your bearing, or lubricate it to make things smoother or more to your liking.

Tie fighter fidget spinner

Star wars fidget spinner 6The tie fighter is probably the best option in the star wars fidget spinner market in terms of how good the spin is going to be. Coming in at just $33, it strikes the middle ground between high end and budget. The issue here is that its “Star Wars” theme leaves a little bit to the imagination. This could be due to possible copyright conflicts, in which case it is a smart move. This spinner guarantees 2-6minute spins outStar wars fidget spinner 7 of the box. This is unrivalled even by the more expensive option on this list. If you like the tie fighter design, then this is absolutely the spinner you should go for as the quality and spin times are top notch.

Who knows, maybe the makers will design a black one in the future. As this spinner has an R-188 bearing, the Scullspinner Death Star button would fit it and look great as a customisation job!

Vinyl Cover for your Fidget Spinner

Star wars fidget spinner 8This is the most basic of the options on this list. This is a vinyl sticker that you can put on your fidget spinner. You have two options with vinyls, you can either buy one off amazon for $6, or you can have a go at printing your own at home onto some sticker paper and cutting out accordingly. Though the quality can vary massively, this is a nice cheap “do it yourself” option if none of the others take your fancy.


The problem with finding a good star wars fidget spinner is Lucas Film (and Disney) itself. They are renowned for being especially strict when it comes to their intellectual property (their designs and characters). And while they don’t mind you making something for yourself inspired by their characters they are very strict on makers that attempt to make money off their designs.

This is why the only options at the moment are from either Russia or china. Or, don’t look that much like the original Star Wars designs. So, if you want something that looks really cool and exactly like a star wars character, you may have to get designing!