The Nexus spinning top from Billetspin is a pure bred long spinner. Looks were not taken into account with this design. It was made with the single goal of spinning for over 30 minutes on […]

billetspin crown


The Crown is the first mini spinning top by Billetspin. It was also the first spinning top with a stem from them in 2017. The Crown carries on the trend from the end of 2016 […]

billetspin christmas top

Christmas Top

The Christmas spinning top from Billetspin was a present from the whole team, back to the community. No Christmas tops were available for sale, instead all of them were given away in a big Facebook […]

Billetspin Torus


The Torus is a one piece spinning top from Billetspin. We have to look as far back as May 2016 for the last one piece top, the Paradox. Some customers were worried that the trend […]

billetspin k2


The K2 is the younger brother of the Billetspin Kraken spinning top. They are inextricably linked, however they both have very different upbringings and motivations. The K2 is not the Kraken 2, but is a […]

billetspin infected

Infected Specimen

The Infected Specimen is the first spinning top collaboration between Billetspin and Jim Skelton. Jim was the person who came up with the idea, and then it was down to Rich Stadler to make it […]

billetspin paradox


The Paradox spinning top from Billetspin was born of the long spinner contest at the Blade show 2016. At the show there was a long spinner competition for makers. Rich made a top which ended […]

billetspin trident


The Trident spinning top from Billetspin came hot off the heels of their previous launch of the Rotor. In fact, it was only two weeks after. They were released primarily on the website, in a […]

billetspin rotor


The Rotor spinning top from Billetspin was a much more casual and relaxed design, and release. For context, the rotor was released just after the extremely popular Navigator. However, that release was not without its trials […]



The Wraith is a completely new kind of spinning top from Billetspin. It was a complete one off made for a friend of Rich’s. The Wraith is comprised of 27 different parts, not including the ball bearing. […]

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