billetspin navigator


The Navigator was a big step for Billetspin in a number of different ways. Firstly it was the best-selling top to date, eclipsing the Alpha which was the previous holder. It was also a single […]

billetspin lotus


The lotus was the first one-piece top from Billetspin in 2016. It was released in large numbers directly on the website. This marked a move away from Facebook sales posts by Rich in the past. […]

billetspin alpha


The Alpha was the first top from Billetspin in 2016, a year which would see the company expand hugely. Rich from Billetspin gave a full view of the manufacturing procedure for the top. This includes […]

buzz top featured

Buzz Aldrin Spinning Top

It’s not every day you get to meet Buzz Aldrin, it’s also not every day you receive a unique spinning top from Billetspin. However, I had the pleasure of doing both. Buzz Aldrin was the […]


Billetspin K2 review

Billetspin is one of the leaders in the high performance spinning top market, and the K2 is their most popular top to date. Originally released in late 2016, the K2 became the highest selling top […]



The BILLETSPIN Matrix is upon us, here is all the key information in one place. BILLETSPIN Matrix Release date: Standard Materials: Standard materials are now discontinued. They were on sale from April 11th – May […]

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