Custom EDC Spinning Top Display Stand

Where do you keep your spinning tops? Probably in a case, that’s where I keep my tops. However, as I have delved deeper into the world of spinning tops, spinners, and EDC in general I have amassed a lot more than just tops, and realistically it was starting to get a bit much for my little side desk. So, just as with the Spin Things base, I decided to have a crack at making something cool.

At this time there is no intention to make these available as a product, unless there is a lot of interest. This project has just been something to fill my Saturday afternoon with and end up with something cool.

The mission statement I made for myself was that it had to house all of my things, with a bit of room to grow as I inevitably acquire more stuff! I also definitely wanted two tiers at least in part, and for it to mirror the Spin Things colour scheme if possible. All in all it is a fairly simple design, but I am very happy with the outcome.

Bottom right is a section for all of my EDC parts, as well as storing/displaying my spin bases. I find it has been nice giving the EDC items a place of their own, in a nice knolled fashion. It gives a new lease on life to pieces I have had for a while now, but seeing displayed in a cool fashion has given them a whole new dimension as display items rather than little trinkets.

Handing are my hanks, mostly from my friend at Firefly15, as well as my own. Hanks are an incredibly hard thing to store effectively I have found. I have tried a drawer, a box, and just leaving them around. The problem here is that they are hard to both see and store at the same time. The bulldog clip idea came from seeing kitchen towels hanging up in a display in Ikea!

Lastly is the raised platform. The underneath is just the right size to fit my secondary box, which I use for all my cleaning cloths. Then, taking pride of place up on its stand is my spinning top collection. Originally intended to be on the lower level, I find that it is a very ergonomic height for someone of my size, and lends itself well to being an effective display and spin surface whether I am sat or standing.

Please do let me know what you think of my little display project, and I would love to see a few of your resolutions to the same problem. Im sure most collectors face a similar (1st world) problem!