Vorso is an operation running out of the midlands in the UK. There aren’t many spinning top makers that aren’t based in the USA, so that alone is something a bit different. They also played host to the first every UK Top convention in July of 2017, which was a resounding success, largely due to their participation. They specialise in precise, reliable and long spinning tops.

Vorso History

Vorso was started in 2015 by Will Cutler, who founded  a Kickstarter campaign, which hit its funding goal in just 32 hours. This is something the tote highly, and set the precedent for later success. The Mk.1 was their first top, and was what was offered in the original Kickstarter.

Pictures by Dave Kitson

Most of the Vorso spinning tops since the original Kickstarter have built off the same principles. They are long spinning, from a performance engineered piece with an affordable price tag. The Vorso operation uses a combination of CNC machines and lathes to create their perfectly balanced tops.

Their latest spinning top is the Ray Cutler Special. This is a limited edition top with the design influence from founder Will Cutler’s grandfather and his driving prowess. Though this top is a limited edition, they also offer a steady flow of Mk.1 tops which now come in a range of different materials, finishes, and bearings.

Not satisfied with the standard spinning top, Vorso also offer the Flat top fidget spinner, as well as a pair of different spin bases. All of which can be found at their website Vorsospin.com

Latest Vorso News

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