With a budget fidget spinner, you get almost all of the same benefits as with a high end spinner costing $100, apart from the looks. There are a lot of really cheap, really efficient spinners out there from a bunch of different brands.

Budget Fidget S1inner 1

Budget Fidget Spinners

There are generally three kinds of budget fidget spinner, and it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend. You can get a really great but very common one for under $10. Then, you can spend a little more and get yourself something metal. But, if you’re willing to spend more like $30 you can get a fully metal long spinner like the Spinetic which is all but guaranteed to be the best fidget spinner you ever hold.

Which fidget spinner should i go for?

For the low end cheaper spinners you are looking at either 3D printed or injection moulded plastic. It’s cheap, and easy for the manufacturers, and that’s why the prices are easy to keep low. The most popular model by far is the plastic tri spinner.

Ranging from anywhere between $1 and $50, it is hard to tell what is going to be a good spinner, and which might let you down. At the end of the day all of them will spin (or should) but there can be a big difference in the quality and duration of the spin. This is down to the bearing in the spinner, not the makeup of the plastic. As almost all of the designs are the same in terms of look and plastic, the only real variable for a spinner is the bearings.

Budget Fidget Spinner Bearing

Steel Bearing (left) vs Hybrid Bearing (right)

If you are looking to buy a cheap spinner, then you want to look at a Hybrid Bearing. This means that the parts in side are a mixture of plastic, steel and ceramic. This offers the best spin quality in any spinner, expensive or cheap. This may mean that you have to spend a little bit more, but it is easy to stay under $15, but trust us, it’s worth the marginal increase. Although, be aware that a hybrid bearing can be a little louder than its all plastic counterpart, but you can watch our video for how to get your budget fidget spinner to run silently. If you want long spin times, then a small full steel bearing like in the Spinetic is the best choice.

You can buy budget spinners in a lot of different places, but the best range is on Amazon.

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