Can I Take My Fidget Spinner on an Airplane

Airplane security is understandably strict but can be one of the most frustrating parts of air travel. Fans of their fidget spinners will want to take them wherever they go, including on a plane. But are they allowed through airport security?

When you look at some spinners, they are very metallic, and unique looking. Obviously this is a great thing, and is what makes them so popular. But it is the same reason that they might arise suspicions in airport security.airplane fidget spinner

Can I take my Fidget spinner through airport security?

In short, yes you can, there should be no issues at all. Remember that the x-ray machines that are used in airports are some of the most sophisticated in the world. the people that operate those machines are also highly trained and know exactly what to look for.

Remember that your spinner is essentially just a piece of metal, or plastic with a circular bearing in the middle. Therefore this is exactly what will show up on the x-ray to the airport official. There are however a couple of situations in which you may face some issues.

fidget spinner airplaneThe first of which is if your bag is searched either in a random check, or if it gets pulled for some other reason like a water bottle. Whilst on a scan a fidget spinner will appear as just a piece of metal, some spinners may look a little more sinister to the open eye. This means that the person checking the bag may raise issue.

However, the officers policy is then to check the “suspicious” item for chemicals, and then send it back through the x-ray individually. Neither of these checks will be any issue for your spinner. Even if there is lubricant in the bearing or on the spinner.

If your spinner has a tritium vial in it, then there is a slim chance that the officer may take issue with this if they know what it is. Though tritium is easily mistaken for glow in the dark material, it is actually a small radioactive gas in a tube with some material that glows when exposed to radiation (don’t worry, its completely not dangerous). But there is a chance that a knowledgeable officer my take an issue. However there is no risk of it setting off any warnings by itself as the radiation is incredibly weak.

The only other issue would be if your spinner looks like an actual weapon, or is sharp. Spinners like the axiom may raise some issues, due to the axe design. But just be sensible and use your common sense.