3 Simple Ways to Upgrade your Budget Spinner

Budget fidget spinners are the reason a lot of people have entered the trend of fidget spinners. For just a few bucks you can have a rudimentary spinner that does the job for most people. While there is the option to spend a small fortune in the world of high end spinners, most people want to keep it cheap.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to keep your spinner looking the same as everyone elses. There are a few quick, easy, and cheap changes you can make which will improve the spin time of your spinner, make it look way cooler, and also give it a personalised touch.

Step 1: the Bearing

budget spinner hybrid bearingThe bearing is what makes your fidget spinner spin. So, it makes sense that this is where we start to improve the spin time of your spinner. There are a few different kinds of bearing, but generally there are two main categories; single material and hybrid. The latter is generally the better spinner as the mixture of metal and ceramic complement each other and often lead to the best and most reliable spins.

The best thing to do here is to jump on amazon or eBay and pick yourself up a nice new bearing. You can find them here US | UK . Basic fidget spinners have a 22mm bearing, which is the standard size for bearings.

Once you have your new bearing, you should be able to just pop out the old one, and slide the new one in.

Step 2: the Button

budget spinner buttonThe button is the part where you interact with your spinner, and so a nice button makes a world of difference. The biggest upgrade difference is to get yourself a metal button. Generally these stand proud above the surface which makes the whole spinner easier, and comfier to use.

If you stick to a standard material like brass or stainless steel, they won’t cost you too much either. Again, these are available cheap on Amazon US | UK

Step 3: the Colour

budget spinner matteGenerally your spinner comes straight out of the injection molder, or 3D printer and that is how you receive it, which is great… kind of. One quick and easy way to make your spinner look that much better is to grab some fine sand paper and just take the gloss off and give it a nice matte look.

Similarly, once you have sanded down your plastic, it will now take paint much more effectively. This could be alight coat of spray paint, or even nail polish which does a wonderful job.