Billetspin Loki Trick Shot Spinning Top

The Loki is a totally unique new top from Billetspin. It comes off the back of the announcement of the Spark top, and before that the Matrix, both of which also brought something new to the Billetspin world. However, what the Loki does is experiment with a completely different style of top all together!

What is the Billetspin Loki

The Loki is designed as a trick shot top. The basic design for the top comes for the Japanese battle tops industry, and was originally designed to be a top that would not topple over in contact with its opponents.Billetspin Loki

Whilst researching battle tops for a US based competition, Rich from Billetspin was shown this new style of top and what it could do and decided he must have a go at making one. The focus of Loki however is not to stay standing when contacting other tops, but rather to stay spinning when hit or flicked by the owner.

If the top is able to stay spinning when hit, then it means that you can then perform tricks by moving it in different ways. This includes jumping the top from one surface to another, over things, or up or down off other objects. This is the first dynamic style top from the US market in some time, if not ever. Spinning tops are considered functional art as it is, but adding this moving dynamic just adds another function to that art.

The Loki will be made in Stainless Steel and Delrin only, there won’t be any other combinations for this one. Delrin is a plastic which machines in a similar way to metals. It is also very durable and stiff. This makes it idea for a top which has to be able to take a beating.

Billetspin Loki Price

The price for the Loki is $100+ shipping, and will be offered in a limited run from the 13th July 2017 to the 17th July 2017 on the Billetspin website.