Christmas Top

The Christmas spinning top from Billetspin was a present from the whole team, back to the community. No Christmas tops were available for sale, instead all of them were given away in a big Facebook giveaway.

Price: Freebilletspin christmas top
Release Date: 2nd December 2016
Variations: 1
Materials used: SS (what are these?)
Dimensions: width 0.98” (24.9mm)
Weight: 24g
For the chart of all combinations please see the bottom of the page.

How to Buy a Billetspin Spinning top

Billetspin Christmas Top Design

Rich from Billetspin proclaims himself a “man of faith” and as such wanted to make a good will gesture to the community for Christmas. 2016 was a big year for Billetspin with releases like the Navigator and the K2 capturing people’s hearts and becoming the biggest sales ever. billetspin christmas topIt is because of this support and to just be an all-round nice guy that Rich created this giveaway.

The top is a small one, and doesn’t have any apparent design aspects which relate directly to Christmas, or Christianity. Except perhaps the vague resemblance to a bell, or candle.

The top has a low centre of gravity, and a completely flat surface on the body of the top. there was only one material used for this particular design, and that is stainless steel. The original plan was for there to be engraving on the spinning top, likely on the sides. However this was scrapped. Instead a small bible was sent along with the top.

There was no obligation with this top, you didn’t not have to be a Christian to enter, nor would anyone take offence to someone deliberately not entering. The release was done with total good intentions, and it showed, uniting a lot of people from all around the world, in the Billetspin group.

Release and Price

All of the tops were given away on the Billetspin Facebook Page.

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